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Wire coated enameled stranded wire

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Silk-covered wire is an insulated wire in which a single enameled wire or enameled wire strand is wrapped with one or more layers of insulating fibers (nylon, polyester fiber, natural silk, self-adhesive silk, etc.).

Single wire diameter (mm) 0.03-1.00
Number of strands 2-6000 
Maximum finished outer diameter (mm) 10
Paint film insulation grade Class B/Class F/Class H
Paint film type Polyurethane
Film thickness 1UEW/2UEW/3UEW
Stranding method Single twist / double twist
Stranding direction  Forward (S)/Reverse (Z)
Lay length 20-130mm
Silk layer type Polyester fiber/Acetate fiber/Thermal fuse
Silk color White Red
Withstand voltage (V) >2200
Number of silk layers 1/2/4
Reel specifications PT-4/PT-10/PT-15
Features In addition to the same characteristics of enameled stranded wire, silk-covered wire has the characteristics of stable appearance and good impregnation effect, and the breakdown voltage can be increased by 500~1200V.
application Antenna inductance, high-power LED lighting, LCD TV, ultrasonic equipment, high-power high-frequency transformer, metal detector, mobile phone wireless charging, etc.
certified product  ISO9001/ISO14001/IATF16949, UL/RoHS/REACH
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