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Film coated enameled stranded wire

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  Film-covered wire refers to a reinforced insulated stranded wire that is wrapped with one or more layers of insulating film outside the ordinary stranded wire at a certain overlap rate. It has the advantages of good voltage resistance and high mechanical strength. The product's working voltage is up to 1000Vrms. The working frequency can reach 500kHz, which can be widely used in various high-frequency and high-voltage electric energy conversion equipment.

Single wire diameter (mm) 0.04-1.00
Number of strands 2-7000
Maximum finished outer diameter (mm) 12
Paint film insulation grade 130/155/180
Paint film type Polyurethane
Membrane material Polyester film (PET), polytetrafluoroethylene film (F4), polyimide film (PI)
Membrane type Base material only, base material adhesive layer compound, base material self-adhesive layer compound
Film UL rating     PET film up to 155 grade, PI film up to 220 grade
Film color Natural/White/Gold
Film overlap rate Max 75%
Features Good pressure resistance, good adhesion of the insulating layer
Breakdown voltage (V) >7000
application 5G base station power supply, electric vehicle charging pile, induction charging, inverter welding machine, automotive electronics, ultrasonic equipment, induction heating equipment, etc.
Reel specifications PT-15/ PT-25/ PN500
certified product ISO9001/ISO14001/IATF16949, UL/RoHS/REACH/VDE(F703)
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